24/7 Ruby on Rails hosting support
24/7 Hosting Support
  1. 24/7 support und management

    Benefit from the experience of specialized Ruby on Rails administrators. Any installation and maintenance work required will be taken over in full. Within normal working hours at a fixed price.

    Ruby on Rails support and management flat rate

  2. 24/7 availability and fault clearance

    Your Ruby on Rails Hosting Supporter remains accessible even outside service hours. Furthermore, major disruptions in your services are automatically cleared for you.

    Proactive fault clearance of your application – 24/7.

  3. Planning and consultancy

    We jointly analyse your situation plan the next expansion stage and carry out performance optimisations.

    Performance and scale-out management.

  4. Backup and recovery

    Protect your valuable application data by creating automatic backups, including an automatic success check.

    Risk management and disaster recovery.

  5. Monitoring

    The starting point for high service quality is thorough functional testing. The hardware components and the vital system components of your Ruby on Rails infrastructure are monitored by a detailed monitoring system.

    Rapid reaction by detailed monitoring.

There is no room for downtime with mission-critical applications. They must be available 24/7. In this case, an experienced Ruby on Rails supporter is always at your side to diagnose and clear hosting problems with a critical impact on operations.

In addition to the professional hosting of your Ruby on Rails application, our well versed team of experts is available to help you if required in the design, development and support of your Ruby on Rails application. — Julian Fischer, CEO, anynines GmbH